Made it through week 2

Week 2 always sucks, so I was not surprised when every time I got on the scale last week, it pretty much stayed the same. I was at -8 total, but up slightly today. I worked my butt off, so I can ignore that and only be a little annoyed at losing one lousy pound for all that struggle. No meals out, worked out at least 20 minutes every day, so I know I am doing fine, even if the scale doesn’t play nice.

The bad thing is, this freaking cold weather is making me sick. I’m hanging in there, mostly just being tired and sniffly, but I can’t wait for it to be warm again.

I keep coming up with warm meals to try to battle this cold. Last night I made a healthified peach cobbler which was pretty good. Yes, I still have small servings of something sweet or I would go crazy! This week’s menu has a few soup/stew type meals as well. We found another vegetable we don’t think we’ve tried before – celery root. So I will be making a celery root puree recipe later in the week. Anything to keep things slightly interesting!


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