Biggest Loser Finale

Well, today was the day. It was actually a bit stressful. I delayed my weigh in until after my morning walk this morning, but was really happy with the results.  Despite my gain over the weekend, I lost more this week than I have since January.

Weigh In

Down 2.4 lbs this week, 17.4 total for the 8 week competition. Not nearly as good as I was hoping for, but I will take it.

And the winner is…

Not me. But I did hold out for 2nd place, winning $99. That is probably the biggest thing I’ve ever won besides scholarships.


I pretty much already recapped how I was doing this week, so I don’t really feel like talking about it again. It was a bad weekend, but a great week. I’m really hoping to keep things going.

Stay tuned for my 8 week comparison photos. I still have to take the after, even though I’m not really looking forward to it since 2 months is not long enough to show much difference on me.


Weekly Health Update

7 weeks done!

Weigh In

This week’s result: -1.4 lbs. Again, not what I wanted, but I’ll take it.  It’s kinda funny looking back at last year’s BL competition. At 7 weeks done, I am at exactly the same total pounds down as last time: -15.2. Unfortunately, it’s a slightly lower percentage since I started a few pounds heavier this year. I’m definitely not reaching my goals this time, but I can’t complain too much about slow and steady. It does add up over time, and eventually I will get close to where I want to be, at least.


Yeah. Not stellar this week, but could have been much worse. My meals were ok, although probably loaded with sodium since more of them came from the freezer. My downfall were the peanuts, chocolates, and a test cupcake plus a few bites of various fillings and frostings I made since I am baking cupcakes for a competition on Sunday. If I didn’t mention it before, I have a little side business making cakes. Luckily, I have not had to do any this year until this weekend, so that hasn’t caused temptations before.


Still getting them done, just about 6 days a week. I haven’t been jogging as much as I wanted, due to being whiny about not having energy or feeling sore. I am hopefully getting my replacement gps watch in the mail today, so that should remotivate me on my runs. I did at least some strength training 2 days so far and may try to do more later today. Not sure if I am doing enough each time, but it’s something.


Hoping to finish the competition next Friday still in 2nd place, or at least 3rd. Next week is the worst time of the month for me, so I really have no idea what to expect. It could easily be bad, due to water weight. I am going to do my best to make it a clean week though. Another 1 or 2 lbs would be great. And then, a huge goal is to not let the end of the competition be an excuse to go crazy.

Weekly Health Report

We are at 6 weeks in with 2 weeks left in the competition. To be perfectly honest, February has been a huge disappointment for me. But I’m still hanging in there.  I want to make the next 2 weeks awesome ones, and hopefully the 2 weeks following that as well.

Weigh In

Down 1.6 lbs this week. Since that followed a zero week, it’s also 1.6 down for the whole month of February so far. Pretty lousy. But, whatever. It’s something. I probably didn’t even deserve that much this week, after my weekend splurges.
I’m at 13.8 total for 2013.


The rain this week sucked, so I did not get in as many runs. However, I did a lot more strength training, and random cardio at home. Still did at least 30 minutes per day. Hoping to get in a great run tomorrow to make up for the lack of jogging.


Up and down. The weekend was obviously terrible. The rest of the week was pretty good, although I did have an extra 200 calories or so of chocolate yesterday on top of my planned strawberry dessert.


Keep going. I would love to see a 2+ lb week this week. It feels like it’s been so long. The next 10lbs could not get off fast enough for me.

Out of the slump

I faced the scale today and was amazed to see 1 lb down from last Friday. It’s a miracle. I’ve definitely seen unexplained drops after a cheat meal before, but I went far beyond a single bad meal. Anyway, I am glad I had a few days away from worrying about the scale, and I’m hopeful that this is a real loss that will stay with me. I’m now in the next weight decade I was trying so hard to get back to. I will continue to work hard this week so maybe I will even see more progress by Friday. That would be awesome.

I think I am taking a break from 30 Day Shred. I really do love the program, but it is better when you’re devoted to just doing that every day. When I’m trying to do lots of running as well, I just don’t feel like I have the energy to do the video the right way. So for now, I am back to adding my own strength moves in with running. I’m considering trying to do a “push ups and crunches every day” type of challenge and see how that goes.

When the competition is over, maybe I will devote 2 weeks to just 30DS and take a break from running so much.

Weekly Health Report

Well great. I worked out for 6.9 hours last week, ate perfectly except for 3 lousy wine coolers and 2 little unfrosted cupcakes, and I lost nothing at all. What the hell? I was really expecting a big week, and I got a slap in the face instead. There is nothing I hate more than thinking I was doing awesome and seeing no result at all for my effort.

I mean, I’ve been doing the weight loss game forever, and I’ve had plenty of no-loss or slight gain weeks during that time. But every single time, if I dug down, I could say, well, I shouldn’t have half-assed that workout or had that second plate at dinner or it’s the time of the month or whatever. This is one of very few times ever that I just don’t get it at all.

Whatever. I’m not in the mood to make goals for next week. I’m just going to keep doing what I have to do and hope it pays off soon.

Weekly Health Report – Halfway through BL

4 weeks done, and we are at the halfway point in the competition. I really wish there were an extra 2 weeks, but I am going to try to do those on my own, since I have another mid-March goal that has nothing to do with the competition.

Weigh In

This week, I finally managed to pull off -1.6 lbs. It didn’t happen until today.  Very very annoying. Once again, I didn’t make my ambitious weekly goal, but it is progress in the right direction. I am expecting next week to be a bigger week, because I’m pretty sure I stalled this week due to bloating. I think I might actually be just barely in 2nd place right now, although not everyone weighed in, so who really knows.


If anything, I’m wondering if I am not eating enough, or at least not enough fat. I feel like I stuff myself full of vegetables and don’t need to eat any more, but still not sure I’m doing things exactly right. I always second guess myself. I am just continuing to eat as much healthy food as I can with very limited junk. I bought cashews on sale, a major trigger food, but I’ve been very good at only having 4-5 nuts at a time for a snack when I want a protein/fat combo.


I had another good week, worked out every day so far, and planning a run for the morning. Today I got in a long, slow walk, but I’m hoping to do 30 day shred again in an hour or so, now that I am finally over the soreness from Monday’s session. Next week’s plan is upping my strength training. Hah, I pretty much say that every week. Also, looking forward to tracking my jogging and hopefully starting to improve.


I’d love to get off around 3lbs this week, but even 1 will make me happy to get under my “danger zone” weight line. I am just making up these names as I go along, haha.

Weekend Ramblings

I never really post much on the weekend, but I am a little bored at the moment. I just had lunch, so I am waiting about half an hour and then I’m going to get in a walk/jog. Usually I take a rest day on Sunday, but I want to do extra since yesterday was Gasparilla.

We headed down to the parade with friends, after pre-partying. The walk was over 3 miles total, so at least we got a little exercise. But, I definitely had some drinks and snacked on chips again. Afterwards, these things just don’t feel worth it, but I guess I gotta live a little. I try not to dwell on these things and do the best I can otherwise.

So far I haven’t seen any scale damage. I really want to work hard to get off the next 3 lbs. My menu this week is pretty good, and I’m looking forward to a good variety of dinners including 3 new recipes. I think I will hit 30 Day Shred tomorrow and see how it goes. I’m not doing that every day though.

I can’t believe I’m just a few days away from halfway through the competition. I just hope I can keep up the motivation after it ends. I have many more goals to meet by May.