Week one – check

It’s Monday, that means I’ve made it one week. That is really not an accomplishment since the first week is actually super easy for me. Usually we go out once on the weekends, but I cooked all week, so there weren’t any temptations. Down almost 7 pounds already, which is standard for a first week for me.  Now it will be down to 2 per week max, if I’m lucky, but that is what I’m going to struggle to hit.

The best part is that it was all clean eating, since I hardly worked out at all. I did my usual 4 mile Friday walk with mom, and a few light weights yesterday, and that was it. But, no more slacking, today will start my regular workout plan. I really need to get my legs ready for hiking trails in just 7 weeks (can’t wait for vacation – pure motivation). I wish we had some hillier trails to practice on in Florida, but pretty much everything is flat, completely different from the rocky cliffs I’ll be exploring.

Since all the extra food from the holidays is finally gone, this week I’m back to experimenting with recipes.Here is the weekday menu:

  1. Yesterday we made cheese steak stuffed peppers.. that sounds higher calorie than it is, I only had one, and used 1 laughing cow cheese wedge in it, with roasted veggies on the side.
  2. Today is a vegetarian Indian dish I’m experimenting with which is mostly cabbage. 
  3. I’m making spinach stuffed chicken parmesan with spaghetti squash.
  4. Asian chicken lettuce wraps.
  5. Cauliflower and chicken paprikash with broccoli.
  6. A bit of a Friday splurge, tacos since I have a ton of taco meat in the freezer and extra tortillas. But I will watch portions.

I’ve been looking up lots more dinner options.. although it gets annoying cooking complicated meals all the time, I really like trying new things. It really helps to keep my meals more interesting than boring baked chicken and salad every day.


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