Love to Party

Where have I been this time?? Busy going crazy with party planning, of course. Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, and this is one of the 2 events a year that we try to go all out for with a party (the other is our annual Christmas party!). We’ve been having Cinco de Mayo parties since back in 2008, and I try to make them bigger and better every time. Last year, Cinco de Mayo was also our housewarming party, so I didn’t have as much time to go all out with decor or little details since I was getting the house in shape, but this year I was able to get crafty. I had a lot of fun cutting out tissue paper banners, flowers, and chili peppers, and setting up other little decor touches.

And, of course, I cooked a TON of food. I am still overloaded with Mexican food in the fridge, but my husband and I love it, so it’s not so bad. I do need to get back to healthy meals ASAP though.

As of last Friday, I had actually somehow lost 2 lbs from my post-vacation weigh in over a month ago. I think it was just that I kept myself so busy preparing for the party. I am SURE I gained back those 2 lbs and hopefully not much more now.

I just got in over 3 miles walking to start getting back in the habit of working out. I need to get back to 5 days a week. I am always complaining about the weather in the summer, but I am going to do some swim workouts soon too, so it will be a nice break from walking.


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