How is it April already? I definitely have not been very good at remembering to check in here lately. I guess it just sucks to not really have anything positive to say. I did manage 3 workouts last week, for about 15 miles total, so I guess it wasn’t a terrible week, but I still feel bad for missing the other days. I also did lots of yard work. Between the yard and house cleaning, that is probably going to make up most of my activity this week too. I really have so much I’m trying to get done, and it is almost summer already (Florida summer weather anyway).

I finally weighed again today and it said basically the same as last week. I’m sure I can thank the back to back family Easter dinners (and candy) for that. But it’s better than another big gain.

It is such a challenge with all these leftover cookies and candy in the house. I will have house guests staying with me Friday-Wednesday, so I’m sure my eating will not improve much.

I also didn’t make it to the grocery store since Publix was closed and we were busy on Sunday, which is our standard shopping day. Next week, I am definitely making a new recipe. It has been forever! Tonight we are just making steak fajitas with some steak from the freezer. Not the healthiest, but so yummy…


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