Ok, this is not working.  Vacation, family visits, party, party party. I am not doing well at getting back on track at all. My workout time has mostly been spent being “productive” around my house/yard.. which is work, but deweeding a flower bed, installing closet shelves, and cleaning off patios doesn’t get my heart rate up like running.  Last week, all I managed was my 4 mile walk with my mom. That was it! Terrible! It is definitely on my list to go today. I will be slow, but it is better than nothing.

My meals haven’t been much better. We made one of our standby healthy meals last week, and that was it. Unfortunately, it is one that I don’t really have a definite recipe for. My husband puts the seasonings in, and he never measures. It is good though, so maybe I will still put up a guideline post for it.

It is so hard to plan good menus when I am trying not to fill up the fridge.. I am going to need the space for a big party coming up (which is why I’m spending all my free time doing other stuff too).

So, since I’m not posting my real recipe posts, I’ll at least leave you with this link.

Creamy Spaghetti Squash Primavera

I’ve made that recipe a few times now, and it is so healthy, and versatile. You can use all kinds of different veggies for it. If you don’t have the nutritional yeast, you can always use parmesan. I actually use both. Also, I think I put a little red wine vinegar in it, but I like my hummus dishes a little zippy.


Sooooo Hot

Goodness. It feels like just yesterday I was whining about 40 degree nights.. and now we are in full swing 80+ degree days. I am used to that for the most part, but it is extremely hard to get back into running in the heat, especially when I have lost so much endurance in my slacking off in the past month.

My house guests are back to their state now, so I have no more excuses to make homemade cinnamon rolls and fettucine alfredo with garlic breadsticks (bad Christi!). Unfortunately, the fridge is still crammed with leftovers, so no new healthy meals this week either. However, next week, I am DEFINITELY doing it – no more excuses!

I just finished a short run, but at least I gave it more speed than usual to make up for the shorter distance. Yesterday I also walk/jogged and did more yardwork, so I am at 2 workouts down for the week. I guess that is not terrible since it is only Wednesday. I will definitely do more tomorrow and Friday.

Anyway, sorry for the once a week updates, I will try to be more frequent with my posts (and more interesting!).


How is it April already? I definitely have not been very good at remembering to check in here lately. I guess it just sucks to not really have anything positive to say. I did manage 3 workouts last week, for about 15 miles total, so I guess it wasn’t a terrible week, but I still feel bad for missing the other days. I also did lots of yard work. Between the yard and house cleaning, that is probably going to make up most of my activity this week too. I really have so much I’m trying to get done, and it is almost summer already (Florida summer weather anyway).

I finally weighed again today and it said basically the same as last week. I’m sure I can thank the back to back family Easter dinners (and candy) for that. But it’s better than another big gain.

It is such a challenge with all these leftover cookies and candy in the house. I will have house guests staying with me Friday-Wednesday, so I’m sure my eating will not improve much.

I also didn’t make it to the grocery store since Publix was closed and we were busy on Sunday, which is our standard shopping day. Next week, I am definitely making a new recipe. It has been forever! Tonight we are just making steak fajitas with some steak from the freezer. Not the healthiest, but so yummy…