Backwards Trend

I am not doing so great this week. Ugh. I am just in such a slump. I don’t know why I keep doing this. I think I am just stressing myself out so much, it is hard to really be motivated in anything. Instead of getting off the vacation gain, I’ve probably added to it. I don’t even want to know. I started out ok and got in a 4.5 mile walk on Monday, but that was it so far for exercise.  And my food weakness has been candy this week.  I feel so crummy.

I really need to plan some good meals for next week. Something I actually have to cook, so I can post a new recipe here. I am tired of using up freezer/pantry stuff, it is hard to do that in a healthy way.

So, sorry my posts have not been inspiring lately, but I’m trying to keep myself accountable by checking in here, even if I’m in a blah state of mind.

Today’s goals (one day at a time): Don’t overeat and cover 4 miles.  That sounds so simple…


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