Biggest Loser Finale

Well, today was the day. It was actually a bit stressful. I delayed my weigh in until after my morning walk this morning, but was really happy with the results.  Despite my gain over the weekend, I lost more this week than I have since January.

Weigh In

Down 2.4 lbs this week, 17.4 total for the 8 week competition. Not nearly as good as I was hoping for, but I will take it.

And the winner is…

Not me. But I did hold out for 2nd place, winning $99. That is probably the biggest thing I’ve ever won besides scholarships.


I pretty much already recapped how I was doing this week, so I don’t really feel like talking about it again. It was a bad weekend, but a great week. I’m really hoping to keep things going.

Stay tuned for my 8 week comparison photos. I still have to take the after, even though I’m not really looking forward to it since 2 months is not long enough to show much difference on me.


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