Last Chance Workout

Today is the last day before final BL competition weigh in. I have been so careful with my food and exercise since Monday, so I am really hoping it will pay off. So far the scale has been nice to me, considering the weekend did 1.4 lbs of damage.

I switched up my run today and instead of my usual “jog till you have to take a walk break and repeat for 4 miles”, I decided to do 1 mile just fast walking, then try for a mile jogging with no breaks. I made it for the first time, and broke yesterday’s time record. 1 mile in 11:02 today, and at one point I even hit max speed of 8:01/mile but I’m sure that was only for a few seconds.  Then I walked another mile, and did 10 minutes of my own Jillian Michael’s style circuit workout. Anything to confuse my body and prevent any more plateaus! I am feeling really good about my endurance levels these days.

Tonight, I am making one of our top healthy meal recipes that we usually make about once every 3 weeks (that is frequently for us!) when we’re trying to lose weight, so I will try to post the recipe, maybe on Saturday. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done anything but whine on here, lol.


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