Finally some running progress!

I am excited because I got my MotoActv watch back on Monday (well, a new one), and so I’m hoping this one will keep going and not quit in a week. Anyway, it is motivating me again, which is awesome.

Today I hit my new fastest mile.. the watch even congratulated me on a new record after I finished that mile, lol. But even better, after 3 miles when I was about to cut things short and call my fastest mile enough of an accomplishment, I realized my time was so low I could easily beat my 4 mile time record, even with walking as much as I did. So the last half mile, I went for it, and finished in a great time for me.

So, I know my times are pathetic compared to real runners, but the point is, I am improving!

My previous fastest mile (Feb 2nd): 12:48
Fastest mile today: 11:34
I was trying to run the whole mile, but I did have a 0.05 mile walk break in the middle to get some water. But, my average pace over 4 miles still beat my old fastest mile. That is crazy.

My last fastest 4 miles: just under 53 minutes
Today’s 4 miles: 50:51


By the way, those ridiculously low dips are from turning around (the watch takes forever to realize what happened) or stopping for cars so I can cross the street.

This just amazes me because I didn’t even set out today trying to beat any times. I just had more energy for once, even though my legs were a bit sore from yesterdays biking and lunges/squats. I am finally thinking I might just make my 5 miles in an hour goal sooner than I thought.

Oh yeah, in other news, I was successful in getting rid of the weekend weight gain, and was a bit lower today than last Friday, so really hoping I will still be at a loss (of any kind) for the final weigh in, which is only 2 days away.  Tomorrow is last chance workout time!


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