I’m feeling kinda slumpy these days. Lol. A diet slump, exercise slump, blogging slump, work slump… Just meh. I haven’t even made any fun meals to post about since I’m working on reducing the over abundance of food in the fridge and freezer. I went a little crazy trying to use up two $10/80 publix coupons last week. I could probably plan out randomish meals for the entire next month (ok, probably a lot more than that) without buying anything except maybe a few fresh veggies. But that is no fun…

Random statement of the day: I ate too many peanuts yesterday.

Argh. Nuts are such a bad thing for me to have in the house, I have no control. Also, Dove peanut butter filled chocolates are the devil. I am drinking a ton of water today and NOT snacking!

I’m still motivated most of the time, but I’m definitely having more off moments lately. I really wanted to show more progress this month, but since I’m not, I keep further sabotaging myself. After the competition is over, maybe I will try only weighing once a week and see how it goes. It’s always really REALLY hard for me to do that though. Maybe I’ll start with twice a week, lol.

Anyway, enough whining. I need to find some positivity and get out of these moods.


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