Semi Holiday

I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. It kinda sucks going back to the real world typical schedule instead of doing whatever we want on our free weekends. But I am also relieved to be back on my planned meals and workouts. I really want to make some more progress, but it seems like I keep letting the weekends be my excuse for making bad choices. This weekend was a lot of fun, but I will be paying for all the liquor and desserts. I did at least get in a good 5 mile jog on Saturday (plus lots of dancing that night), and yesterday involved a lot of squatting and digging for a yard project.

Today is freezing, so I am wearing a ton of layers and sitting here with a cup of tea and a candle to warm my hands. I’m planning a 2 mile jog followed by 4 mile slower walk with my mom in a couple hours. I’m planning to focus more carefully on my portions for meals this week, because I’m trying to use up freezer stuff, so this week’s dinners will not be quite as healthy as usual. I still think I can pull off some kind of loss if I stay away from the random bites of chocolate/cashews/whatever.


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