Weekly Health Report

We are at 6 weeks in with 2 weeks left in the competition. To be perfectly honest, February has been a huge disappointment for me. But I’m still hanging in there.  I want to make the next 2 weeks awesome ones, and hopefully the 2 weeks following that as well.

Weigh In

Down 1.6 lbs this week. Since that followed a zero week, it’s also 1.6 down for the whole month of February so far. Pretty lousy. But, whatever. It’s something. I probably didn’t even deserve that much this week, after my weekend splurges.
I’m at 13.8 total for 2013.


The rain this week sucked, so I did not get in as many runs. However, I did a lot more strength training, and random cardio at home. Still did at least 30 minutes per day. Hoping to get in a great run tomorrow to make up for the lack of jogging.


Up and down. The weekend was obviously terrible. The rest of the week was pretty good, although I did have an extra 200 calories or so of chocolate yesterday on top of my planned strawberry dessert.


Keep going. I would love to see a 2+ lb week this week. It feels like it’s been so long. The next 10lbs could not get off fast enough for me.


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