Out of the slump

I faced the scale today and was amazed to see 1 lb down from last Friday. It’s a miracle. I’ve definitely seen unexplained drops after a cheat meal before, but I went far beyond a single bad meal. Anyway, I am glad I had a few days away from worrying about the scale, and I’m hopeful that this is a real loss that will stay with me. I’m now in the next weight decade I was trying so hard to get back to. I will continue to work hard this week so maybe I will even see more progress by Friday. That would be awesome.

I think I am taking a break from 30 Day Shred. I really do love the program, but it is better when you’re devoted to just doing that every day. When I’m trying to do lots of running as well, I just don’t feel like I have the energy to do the video the right way. So for now, I am back to adding my own strength moves in with running. I’m considering trying to do a “push ups and crunches every day” type of challenge and see how that goes.

When the competition is over, maybe I will devote 2 weeks to just 30DS and take a break from running so much.


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