A relapse

Well, it’s easy to avoid blogging when you don’t have positive things to talk about. This blog is here for me to work through my issues, so I’m trying not to drop out when things get rough.

This weekend was a big huge fail. Starting from Friday afternoon when I was just emotionally not in a good place thanks to letting stupid things get to me, I have pretty much been out of control. I went out of town for the weekend, and I started out with strong motivations to only have one cheat meal, but I ended up letting “vacation mode” be an excuse to eat quite a few things I should not have.

Now I feel some remorse over it, but I’m ready to move on. All I can do is get over it and try my best to prevent it from happening again. I am determined for this to be a good week. I have not faced the scale since Friday, and I am going to stay away at least until tomorrow. Maybe I will give it another day or 2 after that. I don’t really want to know what it has to say right now. I am eating very light today and definitely going to get in a good workout. Hopefully that will at least be a nice emotional reset, even if it doesn’t make up for the weekend calorie intake.

Only 18 days left in the competition. On Friday, I actually ended up barely holding on to 2nd place, despite my zero loss that week. Hopefully I did not completely ruin it this weekend. I am very motivated at the moment, so all I have to do is keep that up, and I think I can manage staying top 3.

In other news, my screwy Motoactv watch that wouldn’t turn back on is being mailed in for an exchange today, so hopefully I will have a new (non-screwy) one in a week or so. I miss it already.


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