Running Slump and a Shrimp Dinner

I think I may have gone a little too full-steam ahead when I got my gps watch.. goodness. Running was tough the last couple days! I just was not feeling it and my energy was so low. I still managed my mileage goals, but was slower than I should have been.


Here’s the stats from my 5 miler yesterday. Only a couple minutes slower than Saturday, but it was so much harder. I am really relieved that today is a non-running day. I did my 30DS video earlier, and am ready to do an easy 20 minutes on the bike later. I’m not so sure I’ll pull off my 4 mile plan for tomorrow, but we’ll see how I feel (and how my toe feels – I dropped a can on it yesterday, ouch). I would like to get it done since Friday is weigh in day, and like EVERY single week, I have not had any sustained progress on the scale yet.


In other news, I tried out a new shrimp recipe last week, which was ok, but not exciting enough to write much about. I thought this dish would have tons of flavor, but despite all the chili powders, it was still a little boring. I basically followed the recipe, except I added onion, red pepper, and zucchini to the corn and drizzled the cooked shrimp with a little honey instead of putting sugar in the rub. It’s Cooking Light’s 3 Chile Dusted Shrimp recipe in case you are interested since this is still a really light, healthy meal. I may be a little biased about this recipe because the only shrimp I really love is coconut shrimp (with pina colada dipping sauce!).


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