Workout Plan for the Week

This week’s workout plan:

Monday: 30DS-level 1, quick 2 mile jog
Tuesday: 5 mile jog
Wednesday: 30DS-level 1, 20 minutes on stationary bike
Thursday: 4 mile jog
Friday: 4 mile slow walk, 30DS-level 2

For the days with 2 workouts planned, I’m splitting them up with at least a few hours and a meal in between sessions. I am expecting to not have time to work out this weekend (hopefully I can at least do some walking at some point), so I’m trying to make Monday-Friday really good workout days. I really want to vary things some, so every week is a little different. It is easy for me to get caught up in just jogging all the time (especially now that I can track the stats), but I need to make sure I have a little variety. I can’t wait until my pool is warm enough again, so I can do some swim workouts too.

I’m definitely improving already from just a few times doing 30 Day Shred. I can’t recommend that video enough, it is seriously awesome.


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