Saturday Jog

Yesterday, I decided to push myself for a great workout. I planned to go 5 miles, which is about 3/4 mile farther than I’ve gone in.. probably years. Then, while jogging the first few miles, I decided to make a secondary goal to shave off 1 minute per mile until the 4 mile mark, and then walk the last mile. I just barely made it, hitting 4 miles in just under 53 minutes, while a few days ago I took 57 minutes for 4 miles. That was pretty awesome, and I loved ending on the 1 mile walk. I could have easily jogged more than I did, but didn’t want to overdo it.


My next goal is to work up to 5 miles in an hour, though I am expecting that to take at least a couple weeks. I’ve learned that I can pretty easily keep up a 12:30/mile jogging pace for a while, but I certainly want to improve that. Back in 2007, the best I did was 6 miles in 65 minutes, so I’d definitely like to work up to that rate again.

In other news, I got through the husband’s coworker’s bbq ok yesterday. I did have 3 smirnoff ice’s and a small lightly glazed cupcake I made, but otherwise the amount of food I ate was pretty normal for the day. I felt like the run made up for a little bit of indulgence. The scale has been slightly lower the past 2 days, and hopefully will not stall out till Friday again.

Most people trying to lose weight are probably worried about Super Bowl food tonight, but we are staying in. I am making some snackier type food, but nothing that bad, and I’ll definitely be watching my portions.


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