Weekly Health Report – Halfway through BL

4 weeks done, and we are at the halfway point in the competition. I really wish there were an extra 2 weeks, but I am going to try to do those on my own, since I have another mid-March goal that has nothing to do with the competition.

Weigh In

This week, I finally managed to pull off -1.6 lbs. It didn’t happen until today.  Very very annoying. Once again, I didn’t make my ambitious weekly goal, but it is progress in the right direction. I am expecting next week to be a bigger week, because I’m pretty sure I stalled this week due to bloating. I think I might actually be just barely in 2nd place right now, although not everyone weighed in, so who really knows.


If anything, I’m wondering if I am not eating enough, or at least not enough fat. I feel like I stuff myself full of vegetables and don’t need to eat any more, but still not sure I’m doing things exactly right. I always second guess myself. I am just continuing to eat as much healthy food as I can with very limited junk. I bought cashews on sale, a major trigger food, but I’ve been very good at only having 4-5 nuts at a time for a snack when I want a protein/fat combo.


I had another good week, worked out every day so far, and planning a run for the morning. Today I got in a long, slow walk, but I’m hoping to do 30 day shred again in an hour or so, now that I am finally over the soreness from Monday’s session. Next week’s plan is upping my strength training. Hah, I pretty much say that every week. Also, looking forward to tracking my jogging and hopefully starting to improve.


I’d love to get off around 3lbs this week, but even 1 will make me happy to get under my “danger zone” weight line. I am just making up these names as I go along, haha.


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