Weekly Health Report – 3 weeks done

Today was the end of week 3 in the BL competition. Kind of hard to believe there are only 5 weeks left.


Today I was down 2.4 from last Friday. Really glad I finally saw the scale move again, it just likes to hang out until Fridays. I’m hoping this will be enough to hold on to my 3rd place spot in the competition. (UPDATE: Yup, still a solid 3rd place.) I’ve been working my butt off and every pound is such a struggle. Down 10.6 overall in 3 weeks, not bad at all. I wish I could do 10lbs/3weeks all the time. This week’s goal is 2.6 because that will put me into the next “weight decade”.


Aside from the previously mentioned cake, ice cream, and chips, my eating has been fine.  Yesterday, I made chicken tacos at the husband’s request, and even though I loooooove Mexican, I managed to control myself and had 2 crunchy tacos (light on cheese) plus a bit of taco salad. I think I should always save Mexican for Thursdays since it’s easier to stop knowing my official weigh in is the next morning. Tonight I’m trying another new vegetarian recipe which is basically a curry, so I know my husband will like it. Tomorrow will be a challenge for Gasparilla, but I am going to bring healthy food with me and try to control my drink calories as much as I can.


I definitely got in plenty of cardio this week. Monday-Friday I did at least an hour of cardio each day. I upped my jogging the first 3 days, but just did longer walks yesterday and today to give my legs a bit of a break. They were staying sore and I was tired with a headache yesterday anyway. Today I feel much better and my legs are good to go. I didn’t get in the amount of strength training I wanted though. Later today I’m going to do some arms/abs work.

I am sad that my GPS watch order was cancelled (Sports Authority – You Suck!), and I can’t find that good of a deal again, so I guess I won’t be tracking my speed/miles still for a while. Oh well. I also passed on the fitness classes (I knew I would chicken out), so it’s up to me to vary my routines. I may just dig out some videos soon.


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