Mid-Week Update

Once again, I haven’t had any progress on the scale so far this week. I guess Sunday-Thursday are practically my official maintain days. But I am sure it is my fault this week.


I have been doing ok, but to be honest, my eating has not been as clean as I would have liked this week. My meals have been good, but I have had higher calorie desserts (a tiny bit of chocolate cake with ice cream is still too much!) and yesterday I was so hungry because we had to push dinner 1.5 hours late, I ended up snacking on a handful of chips which was definitely not the smartest choice I could have made. It’s a new day, so I’m trying my best to refocus on clean eating so I can finally see the scale drop by Friday.

Working Out

My workouts have been great this week, but I am getting a little bored.  Yesterday I switched it up a little and did 40 minutes on my cheapo elliptical/bike broken up into ten minute sessions and then a 20 minute walk/jog. Since I sit at a computer desk all day, sometimes it can help to get in a little more spread out activity instead of just one long workout.

I gave in and ordered that GPS watch, so when that comes in the mail, I am planning on working harder on my jogging, alternating between trying to improve speed and distance. I love being outside this time of year (the 70 degree afternoons we are getting are perfect), but I am hoping this will make it a little easier for me to change up my routes and track everything.

Fitness Classes

My newest urge today is to buy a groupon for yoga or fitness classes… there are 2 different ones I am considering, but I am not sure. I just feel like at this point, it might be more worth it to me than a gym membership just because I love yoga and maybe fitness classes would push me more than I’d push myself. One option is a place that’s like 3 miles from me and they have 10 classes for $35 or 20/$55 and you can pick from yoga, cardio boxing, or zumba (I am not coordinated enough for zumba though).  The other one is 30 classes for $20, but you have to split the classes among different locations, so I could only do 10 at the location near me and it’s only boot camp classes. The other locations that have yoga or other classes are much farther. But $2 per boot camp class is still a pretty good deal even if that’s all I did… I just can never make up my mind about these things. I wish I had a friend who lived close enough to me to go with.


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