Party Time

This weekend held more challenges for me, but I managed not to let things go too far off track. Friday was actually a great day, and I woke up Saturday to an almost 2 lb loss, so that was exciting. I made sure to get in an hour of cardio on Saturday afternoon. I went for another walk and this time I jogged about half the time, which is a big improvement for me.


Then Saturday night we hosted a surprise birthday party for one of our good friends. The food we had actually wasn’t too bad diet wise since it was mostly a seafood boil with potatoes and corn, and the appetizers were just fresh fruit and veggies, along with cheese and crackers and some chips. But I did indulge in about 3 high calorie alcohol+juice drinks, and chocolate cake with ice cream. It was worth it.

Yesterday my meals were a pretty weird mix. I started out with fruit for breakfast, then a vegetarian savory crepe at a fast food place (groupon was expiring), salad and grilled veggies for dinner (husband seriously charred the small piece of steak I was going to have), and a cookie with about 2 tbsp ice cream on top. Yesterday was basically a rest day, but we did do a lot of slow walking around the mall, Home Depot, and Publix.

The result was I gained back about a pound of my Saturday morning loss, but I am still down 1 lb from Friday, so overall I call that a win. I have several days to get the other pound gone again, and I will have met my weekly goal.

I am looking forward to starting strong again today. Lots of water, healthy meals, and exercise are on the agenda! Hopefully the leftover cake, cookies, ice cream, and chips will not start calling to me though.

I am enjoying some of these cheerful daisies from the party today at my desk. Love them!


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