Weekly Health Report – 2 weeks done

Well, I got through yesterday and my mood was much improved by the middle of the day.  I really felt good on my walk, and I definitely met my water goals for the day. I am going to try to continue drinking more water.


It seems like my plan worked, since my body finally decided to give me a drop. Today’s result was about a pound and a half less than last Friday and more than 8 lbs less than start weight. Not bad. I didn’t reach my goal for the week, but I knew that was probably not going to happen anyway. My goal for next week is at least 2 lbs. Last year my third week was a nothing week, so I’m really hoping I do not stall out again.


This is really going better than normal for me at 2 weeks in. I haven’t had any bad moments, and I haven’t even needed my small sweet treats as much. I skipped it altogether yesterday. I’ve been focusing on slowing down when I eat, so I can enjoy what I get and realize I don’t need more. I am basically planning a cheat meal this weekend, but it isn’t anything crazy, and I will try to make sure I get in a workout this weekend. I know that sometimes one high calorie meal every now and then seems to help my weight loss anyway, so I am going into it guilt free. Let’s hope I come out of it that way too!


I feel like I did pretty well for the week’s exercise. There was only one day I fell short of my goal, but I think I made up for it on other days. Next week I plan to increase the amount of strength training I do, and try to incorporate more jogging on my walks.


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