To kick or not to kick (the scale)

Ugh, there’s not much I hate more about the diet process than a week when you think you’re doing everything right, but the scale won’t budge. I know it’s just a matter of time, but it still drives me nuts sometimes. I even had a dream last night that had something to do with wanting to eat a bunch of junk but then getting control of myself instead. I’m not even cheating in my dreams, and it’s still not enough! LOL.

I’m seriously trying to be patient, but it makes me start second guessing everything. Am I really doing everything right? Am I eating more calories than I think? Not enough calories? The wrong ratio of carbs/fat/protein? Working out too much or not enough?

I know, there are plenty of reasons I could be stalled out, especially being the 2nd week (when the first week produced a big loss). Trust me, I’m a dieting veteran, and I’ve heard everything before. But I just wish I could get a break. I want this blog to encourage others, but I also need it for getting out my aggravations sometimes. Every day isn’t rainbows and flowers.scaletrash

Tomorrow is official weigh in day, so maybe things will turn around. I’m planning on drinking a ton of water today, watching my sodium intake, and being especially careful about portion sizes. If it’s not raining, I’ll get in my hour walk and maybe try to throw in some jogging. That’s about as far as I go to try to get a weight loss jump, since I refuse to do juice fasts or anything crazy. Despite this rant, my ultimate goal is still to get/stay healthy, not just to like the number on the scale. This healthy lifestyle has to be livable.

I think I really need Think Positive Thursday today, so here goes:

  • I’m happy that it’s getting easy to make good food choices most of the time.
  • I’m grateful that I am physically able to work out. When I’m whining in my head about exercise, I try to remember the couple of people I know who are dealing with foot/ankle injuries and can’t work out like they planned.
  • I’m looking forward to continuing to pick out a couple of new healthy recipes to try each week.
  • I love the produce market down the street; it’s great getting fresh fruit and veggies at a lower price than grocery stores. And sometimes they bring in something unique, which I just have to try.

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