An Update and an Ostrich Burger


So this is what an ostrich burger looks like! Pretty much identical to a regular burger. Our verdict was that it does indeed taste a lot like beef. If someone had just given us this burger, we would have assumed it was beef that was seasoned a little differently than standard. Unfortunately, it was really nothing special and for costing almost 4 times the price of lean ground beef, we probably won’t be buying it again, even though it is definitely healthier. It was worth a shot though, and now we won’t wonder what it tastes like.

I’m chugging along, halfway through the second week of the challenge. The scale hasn’t been moving, but from all my past experience in weighing every morning, I know that’s normal for me. My body never loses a small fraction of a pound a day. Instead it hangs on to the same weight as long as possible and then suddenly drops 1-2 pounds one day. So I am just continuing to make smart choices while I wait for that day, although I am hoping it is very soon.

The inner, back portion of my right thigh is still really sore from yard work. I need to be more even in how I squat when I’m working on stuff, I guess. I still got in an hour of walking yesterday and 40 minutes indoor cardio with some weights thrown in today.

I have been winging my breakfasts and lunches a bit more lately instead of planning quite so much, but it’s been easy since I have so much healthy food on hand. I also have a ridiculous amount of Lean Cuisines in the freezer thanks to sales+coupons and the fact that I got sucked into their code collecting promo thing where you get a free lunch bag with 20 codes (plus you can “buy” other stuff with your points).  But I don’t really want to eat more than 2-3 of those a week, so I am way overstocked.


2 thoughts on “An Update and an Ostrich Burger

  1. That actually doesn’t look too bad! I try to stick to micro meals during the week at work but it’s so hard to stray away (especially with all my free luncheon events) but I have been sticking to salads lately and felt better about my choices 🙂

  2. Wow, I would have never expected ostrich to taste like beef. Interesting! But at least you can say you tried it 🙂 I’m the same way with my weight loss, don’t give up!

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