Pizza, Yardwork, and Ostrich Meat

It’s Monday! I’m not really happy about that, but I am happy that I got through another weekend without any disasters. I survived a meal out at a pizza place, and it wasn’t even hard to just have one slice (plus salad). At the moment, I don’t miss eating lots of junk at all.

I got quite the unintentional workout this weekend spending about 4 hours dealing with yard issues. My arms had plenty of movement with raking, digging, and moving things, but mostly my legs are killing me from all the squatting. Last night, it was hard to even get in and out of the car. I think I will have to stick to just walking workouts for a day or 2, although it is bugging me that there is still so much left to do in the yard. I need a break though.

I have tried a few new dinner recipes lately that I will try to get around to posting soon. Tonight we are trying a new-to-us meat: ostrich burgers. My husband is excited about these because he’d been wanting to try them for a couple of years. We had a Groupon for the market that sells them, so it didn’t break my heart so much to buy such expensive meat. And apparently, ostrich is supposed to taste similar to beef, but it has lower calories than chicken. This market also sells kangaroo burgers we might try sometime.


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