Weekly Health Report

One week down, 7 competition weeks to go. Today’s the first weight loss weigh in for our BL competition.  I’m down over 6 pounds (yesterday I was down 7, but back up slightly today which I am blaming on strength training).  That is pretty consistent with my first week back almost every year, which is why I love week 1.


I looked back at my weekly results from the competition last year, and by 8 weeks I had lost around 19 lbs. But, every third week or so, I had a bad week and lost nothing, so I am hoping if I can avoid the bad weeks this time, I can get off around 19 more in the next 7 weeks. I know it’s still crazy optimistic, but at least it is keeping me motivated. At the very least, I’m aiming for a consistent 2lbs/week.


My hunger/craving levels have gone down, so I guess my body is finally getting used to eating healthy again. My bad habits are fading. Once, I caught myself getting more of something than I should without even realizing it, but I am doing my best at being conscious of my serving sizes without always measuring/official calorie counting (that is not good for me).

I usually allow myself a small sweet treat at the end of the day if I stayed on track, but I’ve been keeping it to around 50 calories per day this week. This really helps me from feeling like I’m deprived and never get anything good.


I officially completed 5 workouts this week! It’s probably the first time that’s happened since August. I haven’t done anything really challenging yet, but at least I’m moving.  I’m considering going back to 30 day shred soon, because it is really just such an amazing full body workout for 20 minutes. It is really hard to start when you’re out of shape though.  I think I’ll give myself another week or 2 of getting back in gear before I take the plunge.

Yesterday, mixed in with my at home cardio, I did some (knee) pushups, lunges, squats, and biceps/triceps moves with my 15 lb dumbbells. I am happy that I can at least do those without much trouble.


Now it’s Friday, and I’m ready to stay strong for another weekend! I am hoping to get a few small house projects done, and maybe even start on a yard project, so I will be staying busy.  I am planning one restaurant meal, but I am going to make the best of it and not be too hard on myself.


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