Recipe: Turkey and Pear Quesadilla

I thought I’d share a quick lunch recipe that is under 300 calories and is pretty versatile. I would not have thought of adding pear to a sandwich before, but this combo is actually really good and with fruit jam added it reminds me of the evil Monte Cristo sandwiches that Bennigan’s made.

I’ve made the actual recipe I linked to below before and it is great too, but I usually go with what I have on hand, so today’s version was a bit different.


Turkey and Pear Quesadilla Recipe (Adapted from Green Lite Bites Turkey Pear Pressed Sandwich)

1 small flour tortilla
1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Swiss
2 oz deli turkey
1 ripe pear
5-6 fresh spinach leaves
1 tbsp sugar free jam (raspberry/strawberry is best, but I used grape this time)

Heat a skillet over medium-high. Spread the laughing cow on a tortilla and add the turkey, covering the whole surface. Slice the pear and add half the slices on one side of the tortilla. Add the spinach leaves on top of the pear. Cook the tortilla for a minute, open faced, then fold it over and cook until both sides are lightly toasted. Serve with jam for dipping and the other half of the pear on the side.

Note: I did not cook mine quite long enough because I didn’t feel like waiting.


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