Simply Positive Tuesdays

Miscellaneous Ramblings

I don’t usually do these link up things, but I decided to go ahead with this one. I was originally going to write a mix of things because I am actually positive about a lot right now. But I decided to stick with stuff that is at least somewhat related to the healthy living theme of this blog.

1. I’m still loving my motivation, it’s the best thing I can hang on to.

2. I’m so glad I finally tried almond milk last year, it is awesome and the one I get is only 30 calories per cup.

3. I’m happy it’s cooler this time of year so I can get back into walking trails outside again without the heat making it harder.

4. I bought a cute new VS swim suit for cheap (yay for semi-annual sale), and I’m looking forward to getting in much better shape for it.

5. This week has gone so great, I am now confident I can reach my ambitious end of the competition goal if I stay this focused.


3 thoughts on “Simply Positive Tuesdays

  1. I love all of these! I am glad you are super motivated! I am trying to become more motivated and push through all the stress… Thanks doing the linkup!! :o)

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