Surviving the first week

The first week is always my favorite of a weight loss challenge.  I am usually so off track before I start that the drastic change in my eating shows up nicely on the scale right away. I know, it’s probably all water/food weight, but it’s still fun to see.  I love how strong my motivation is, and how I feel lighter, even if it’s just emotionally. I read some statistic about a huge majority of people breaking their resolutions by day 3, but that is definitely not me. Although, technically I never set New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t start dieting on the 1st either.  I just set goals that happen to start in January, and it usually takes me a few months to really start failing at them.

It’s usually only the weekends that are hard when I’m in motivation mode, since I’m more likely to be challenged by having to eat out or go to an event. I usually try to avoid doing many social activities, because I really don’t like going to a restaurant/party and having to get something healthy. It takes the fun out of it. I can cook healthy food that I like better myself, and much cheaper, so I prefer to save my restaurant trips for when I want to splurge on something I really like. I should probably work harder at only eating some of my meal and taking the rest home, but then I feel guilty eating it again for lunch… (see, all or nothing mindset at work!)

Luckily, this first weekend went by very easily. That’s probably because I didn’t leave the house except to go grocery shopping.  Saturday was spent doing house work (packing away all the Christmas decorations mostly). Sunday, I felt pretty worn out and did a lot of reading.  I didn’t officially work out at all, but my meals were right on track.

Today I managed to get in a short workout at home. I’m expecting it to be hard to fit in workout time over the next couple of weeks, but easier to stay on track with meals. That’s because I’ve got several new projects in the works, and when I’m busy, I don’t think about wanting to snack.  It is so easy when you work at home to just go in the kitchen whenever you want, but I am getting back out of that habit. I’m trying to fit in at least 25 minutes of some kind of workout 5 days a week to start.

I want to start doing yoga again too, because it really helps with my stress levels.  I miss getting to take free classes when I was in college. I really have a hard time justifying paying to do something I can do for free, so I usually stick with online videos or my own routines of my favorite poses.

Anyway, I’m only tracking my progress officially on Fridays, but things are going well so far. Can’t wait to get in better shape.


2 thoughts on “Surviving the first week

  1. So glad your motivation is strong! I started my goals of the year today and I hope I can keep them up! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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