Having my cup of tea

teaOne of the things I like most about dieting in January (in Florida, anyway) is that it is cool out instead of 90 degrees.  In fact, sometimes it is actually cold enough that a normal person would turn on their heater.  Since we are crazy and absolutely never do that, I really like having hot tea when I’m cold. It’s something I never make the rest of the year, so it’s almost like a treat.

My favorite kind of tea is definitely like a treat: Bigelow Vanilla Caramel. This stuff can distract me when I am really craving something sweet. I like this tea because it goes perfectly with several of the sugar free syrups I have in my overstocked collection.  I probably have collected about 25 flavors of sugar free syrups (the ones made with splenda like DaVinci or Torani), but I haven’t really come up with enough uses for them yet besides in tea, smoothies, or oatmeal. Hmm, oatmeal! I haven’t had oatmeal in forever either, and it’s also great when you’re cold. I will have to put that on my menu next week.

Anyway, this tea is really good with just a little caramel and/or vanilla sugar free syrup to kick up that flavor it already starts with. I know there are a million debates about sugar substitutes, but honestly, I don’t care.  Sure, maybe they aren’t fabulous for you, but neither is too much sugar.  I have no doubt that I am better off having a splenda sweetened cup of tea after lunch than a perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookie. Though of course, I am still going to enjoy a cookie every now and then!

Disclaimer: I know this post sounds kind of like a sponsored review, but unfortunately, Bigelow did not even give me any free tea for this post. I just happen to like it enough to want to spread the word!

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